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Dr. Arayan RichardWhy Do we validate our Certificates – Awards – Diplomas? This is a good question.

Over many years of Training & Development, I have seen many and worked for a few highly reputable Training & Development companies around the world lose traction in a very competitive world marketplace within Training & Development; mainly because the certification offered has no meaning in the real world. This is mostly because there is no real-time proof that the certificate is valid or even real.

HRD4My Resources right here in Malaysia first surveyed the offerings of validation and found them very restrictive in so much that it was good here but not around the world and so on.

HRD4My Resources decided to find a reputable C.A.B. (Certifying Accreditation Body), out and have itself the company entity audited for ISO standards in Management for European & Commonwealth Nations and where that ISO provider was based around the world.

In 2014 HRD4My Resources decided to choose TQV to Audit the Management System and determine whether it was “Up To Standard.” the ISO 9001:2008 Standard. TQV is rigid in their decision making and finally after much training and several audits HRD4My Resources because ISO9001:2008 Certified and accredited for:

  1. Educational Training.
  2. Event Planning.
  3. Business English Consulting.
  4. Business Training Implementation.
  5. Programme Training Designing.
  6. Programme Training Implementation.
  7. Emcee & Public Speaking.

Because of these unique, Qualifications of Quality and Service offered and attested; HRD4My Resources can and does qualify its certification to validate the participants, participation, and knowledge gained during the Training & Development event conducted by HRD4My Resources.

HRD4My Resources offers To Validate the Training & Development Workshops from other Trainers and Training providers, that can not afford the ISO audit process.


MasterPrac-logo ABNLPSome of HRD4My programmes carry the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) So HRD4My Trainers and Developers are qualified and the programmes are ABNLP (American Board Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Compliant and accredited as following the required ABNLP format for the delivery and application of NLP methodologies.


Dr. Arayan strives to enlighten, entertain and educate wherever possible within the boundaries set by the ISO & ABNLP / BMNLP guidelines. 

Why Validate = Credibility and Market Acceptance.

HRD Certified Training Workshop Programme
Non Certified Workshop Programme
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