The Certified Emcee

There are 12 Steps to becoming a Certified Emcee an Public Speaker I will place the 12 steps below with explanation

The Certified Emcee & Public Speakers programme is a self-Development programme, it has been designed in 12 easy steps and training modules as listed below. The world renown public speaker from Australia Dr. Arayan Richard Jenkins will take yo through the twelve steps over 12, 4 hour classes and evaluations to bring you to International Toastmaster quality right here in Malaysia.

This programme has successful run in Australia, Sudan, Egypt and Bahrain and although the programme is in English only, you as a speaker will be psychologically ready to deliver in any language and any subject matter known to you, Dr. Arayan Richard as he is know as is proficient in Age, Culture and Religion Diversity development along with his PhD in Ed-Management and Masters in Phonological Science, He is also a Master Practitioner  in Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Sciences.

Dr. Arayan Richard Jenkins is Certified ISO9001:2008 by TQV Europe & ASCAB in Great Britain. 

1. It’s All About Me
2. Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say
3. Be Crystal Clear
4. Add The Rainbow
5. Know The Truth.
6. Call To Arms.
7. Let It All Out.
8. Attack.
9. Instruct.
10. Inspire.
11. Impromptu.
12. From Me To You With Conviction.


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