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  • T.N.A.

Training Needs Analysis:

            The Training Needs Analysis development programme is a consultancy style programme. The TNA revolves around assessment criteria on the present staff and Job Requirement Criteria. (JRC). JRCs are conducted with the very best of discretion;  along with Working Environment understanding.

I am highly dedicated to the special needs  not only of the company but of the employees as well, as I understand that even though JRC are set they are in a state of flux, being updated, added to and subtracted from as the industry matures.

Employee Competency Analysis:

The Employee Competency Analysis is directly targeted at Human Resource Departments & Management in General, it is used to determine what competencies are needed for an employee to either be promoted or retained (Succession Planning & Retention) towards Adaptive Development, Mentoring and Retraining.

Change Management Development:

Change Management happens when a company decides to change direction under the control or either a new Chief Executive officer (CEO) Managing Director (MD) or Chief Financial Officer  (CFO). The difficulty in changing direction is the ready acceptance of the change within the Rank-&-File  Employees.

The need for a Change Management specialist, comes directly from this difficulty, the dissemination of information based around the changes become their responsibility and their responsibility alone, creating awareness and acceptability up and down the hierarchical management ladder.

Should development come into play it is the CMD specialists job to deploy training either directly under him/her or with the C’Suite management’s permission  bring in technical trainers to undertake the training.


Succession & Retention Training:

Succession and retention is about the Attrition rate of a company, “Why are we losing our best staff?”  another very important question is often ask “What do we need to do in order to build our management teams from within the organisation?” This is called Succession, and it’s very important for the longevity of any company.

International Personal Assistant Development 

The International Personal Assistant Development programme, works directly and around those people that take direct care of Managing or General Director, and C’Suiter. it covers areas within the English language that is under developed or poorly developed. The I-PAD programme also looks at all the areas behind and supportive of Writing Skills – Listening Skills and Mental Awareness Skills that personal Assistants need in order to do their job well. A very common expression is used for both male and Female PAs and that is “Work Wife.”  often a PA must look after things such as care for client as a wife would when guest visit the home, sometime run personal errands and constantly remind the boss about appointments and associations and so on. The PA must also like a wife, protect the front door from unlawful entry, these and many other skills are discussed in this programme.

Executive Master Presenter:

The Executive Master Presenter programme is developed around the need for Viral Intelligence within Speeches and Presentations. the EMP has two packages of four days and two days. the reason for this programme is to develop the great presenter in everyone, giving the presenter the opportunity to develop their own Adaptive Training for what they need to improve or develop within their personality and on the screen.

The four day programme, consists of one day assessment with video logging and discussion one-to-one with each participant and followed up with the two days of Adaptive Training on those areas highlighted during the assessment and video logging and lastly the Self Assessment video logging and follow-up discussion one-to-one on the next step self   improvement.

the two day EMP has everything within the Adaptive Training programme including before and after V-Logging without one-to-one assessment.


Executive Power Negotiator:

The Executive Power Negotiator is a Neuro Linguistic Programme developed directly for those need to develop their negotiation skills and is perfect for all those that want to get what they want. The EPN programme is designed to enhance the skills of procurement officers either in Purchasing or Supply Chain Management, but if you’re interested in being able to get what you want from your staff or from your superiors than this platform is perfect for you as well as it can be adapted to any area of life or business.

Neuro-Linguistic Critical Thinking:

the Neuro Linguistic Critical Thinking programme is very special as it looks at many areas needed to run a department as either a manager or leader within an organisation. it covers areas such as Critical Thinking, Provocation Logic, Chaos Thinking Lateral Thinking and Neuro Linguistics. The way the mind learns and learns to adapt through Retentive Engagement  Management  (REM) This programme is also adaptive as it can be modified to cover special needs of a company.

The Neuro Linguistic Critical Thinking programme and corporate mentality are fast becoming the required tool set of the modern corporate officer in the modern world of big business in order to stay in an advanced position in Research and Development, Manufacturing and Product Development with respect to marketing and the tools needed by the young sales, marketing executive.

Corporate Intelligence Activities on Competitive Edge Training.

this one’s a big one as it covers Analytical Tool Sets. Every manger worth their salt must know, what a S.W.O.T & S.W.A.T is as well as P.E.S.T.L.E., ANSOF, BOSTON, Porters Five forces and the Generic Strategies are and what they are used for. With my fifteen plus years working with companies around the world, especially in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, it is becoming clear that yes they are known but not known how to use them, let alone data gained by them.

Ask this question of yourself. “If I knew what our government was going to implement over the next twelve months, what and how would I use this information to strategically move my company forward or backward?



Business Administration Skill International Curriculum:

this is a three day programme as it deals with six major areas of under-development within management both within the Y generation and X generation and all those in between.

The BASIC programme covers Delegation, Difficult Situation Handling, Motivation and Creative Thinking, Dealing with Attrition and Succession, Stress Management, International Report Writing along with the Executive Master Presenter – This is a lot to cover and it is action pack with Adaptive Learning and Exercises to assist in retention of information.

Hospitality English Language Learning in Operations:

We often ask when it is a good time to speak with a patron or guest within our establishments and it’s a good question! We are told never to interrupt the guest when they are speaking and the guest or patron is always right; today I tell you both assumptions are incorrect, the guest is not always right and when they aren’t is when you interrupt them.

We are not saying to be rude or abrupt in your communications with a guest, but to be informative when you do interrupt them.

The HELLO programme is all about showing you how to use the English language correctly and improving your vocabulary, along with the understanding that language, any language is only partly verbal; the majority of language is perception through your body language.

International Standards in Report Writing:

Writing any report is an arduous task and has a set outline of procedures. All too often the person writing the report, and the reader of the report, wish the other would get it right.

This Seminar workshop called:-The International Standards in Report Writing for professionals-: is all about setting a standard and following procedural guidelines, so that each party gets what they want.

This is another action packed Adaptive Learning & Development programme covering the standards for Reports Writing and Business Writing from IMO – WhatsApp to Emails and Facsimiles.


International Malaysian English:


the International Malaysian English Adaptive and Development programme centres around the direct needs of Malaysians either in business or needing Business / Social  English in order to interact on the international platform.

The programme has language proficiency assessment as well as psychometric evaluation to determine ability to learn and language proficiency.

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