(J.V.) Joint Ventures

Joint Venture are great, especially when the project is too big and you don’t want to appear small.

Remember they are Temporary partnerships and that is all.


Amazing but True:

Partnerships are a LOVE LONG ARRANGEMENT, commonly stated as being set in stone, NOT TRUE.

Any partnership agreement can be voided by either partner, if dissatisfied with the on-going arrangement. there will be cause & Effect from that break-up just like in a marriage.

Think about it seriously before signing any MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) – COI (Collaboration Of Interest)

We will, so, you should too.

drop over to the contact page if you are interested in either:

  • Collaboration.
  • Partnership.
  • Joint Venture.


Similarities of Service:

The ACT of working with another or others on a project.

These are one-off things, and can be great things to do as they are never long term and often bring great results for further PARTNERSHIPS.

We suggest undertaking a collaboration of service before moving into a partnership, much like before marriage.

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