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All Programmes conducted under HRD4My NLP are to ISO9001 Standard and are compliant with ABNLP & BMNLP associations.

you can feel assured of the very best quality Training & Development at very reasonable prices designed for every budget both Individual and Corporate.


There are (3) Three levels of awareness with NLP; they are Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced, and although you do receive certification approved by ABNLP & BMNLP they will be named thus:

Beginner Practitioner: 

          Understand all the principles and basic representational foundations. This programme is only a 2 day programme  consisting of:

  • 2 days of 8X8 hour solid Face-To-Face Interactive (Retention Attitude Training) Workshop Seminar.
  • 4 hours during those 2 days of practicum both group Practicum and Individual Practicum.
  • 4 hours of Self-Learning and Experiential delivery during the Workshop.

NLP has gained a lot of public interest in recent years as it has been recommended as an effective method by countless celebrities, successful people and even politicians. As a result a whole new NLP training industry has emerged which caters for various needs of trainees. This course is an introduction to NLP. If you have heard about NLP and always wondered what it is all about, then you have come to the right course. We will walk through a number of common and representative NLP techniques in order to familiarise you with the style and jargons used commonly in the NLP field.


The traditional format is the full-syllabus and full-length programme of 120 hours of hands-on training in which a Certified Trainer of NLP is continuously in attendance. At the end of the course there is a two-day assessment process in the presence of two Certified NLP Trainers to determine that you have reached the appropriate level of skill for certification as a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Master Practitioner:

A Master Practitioner will have already been certified as a Practitioner and will have then taken part in an additional 120 hours’ training in the application of more advanced skills in their own lives and with others. Again, they will receive full certification when two Certified Trainers agree that they are able to behaviourally demonstrate that they have attained the requisite standard.

Neuro Linguistic programming along with Critical thinking is an essential skill for any power-Management team member, whether it be for Procurement, Sales personnel, Corporate management  or small business owner who is well established and looking to break new ground in existing market or new markets

NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, greatly enhances the Business Persons minds’ ability to understand the needs of their opponent and help the opponent realize that they are gaining from the same benefits offer during the any business meeting..

So you’ve decided to start out in the world of business, good for you!

This time in your career is an amazing experience and you’re about to encounter may obstacles and they will create fears and doubts about your direction.

The Entrepreneur and NLP is all about these times, the programme will give you the skills to center your mind and focus on the outcome. NLP helps to see the goal and the travels from where you are to that goal. If you’re interested in create a mindset of “I will succeed” then you’ll need these skills. We can do this for you and your teams. Contact us and ask what is in the programme and if it’s the right one for you.

You are a well established business and you looking for ways to excite your teams and get them past the mental brick walls, stopping them from moving that one more step to greatness.

The Businessman and NLP is all about taking the team through well defined business principles and creating mind and matter transformational mentality. The team of highly skilled NLP specialists at HRD4My are ready to take you and your teams through an exciting programme that will help them redefine their thinking paradigms

The Negotiator and NLP

deals with every negotiation situation and all negotiators in the field and at the office. We all want something, and the surprising thing is some get them and other don’t, Why? Why are you not getting what you want? it doesn’t matter if you are a female using girl-power or a man using masculine power. You asked for it and they should give it, Right!

The programme is all about the “why not”, and the “how to”. Any International Negotiator, knows the tools needed for negotiations, but only a few use all the tools because they have the Power Negotiation POWER TOOLs and they use them.

  • Do you want to be a Power Negotiator?
  • Do you have what it takes to become the very best in your area of negotiations?
  • Are you willing to go through this two day, highly intensive, NLP negotiations programme?


The programme has several exercises and discussions on negotiations along with tips and tricks used by power negotiators around the world. During the NLP Negotiator Programme, you will be asked to lie and tell the truth to determine facial and body tell signs, you will also understand why people lie and why they tell the truth.

Dr. Arayan Richard has negotiated for several international firms around the world from Bahrain to Australia and in-between, he has won some and lost some and he understands why, and he’s willing to show you, what he did and why he developed these tools using the principles of NLP.

You’re a great Lecturer / Teacher and you have tons and tons of information that the students need to understand and learn in order for them to survive in the REAL WORLD.

You stand in front of the lectern and you give your classroom dissertation and you look in the eyes of your students and they are blank, staring at you as though you are a computer screen, why? You feel disheartened. Don’t give up there are NLP techniques that will excite your students into an interactive frenzy seeking more and more information, making you realize that the day is too short, having student say to the next up-coming student “Oh, you’ll love Mr – Dr, Prof – Ms So-and-so’s class or lecture.”

NLP give the user the ability to interact directly with the minds of the student and feed them everything you know will give them the best shot in the real world.

Always remember you became a lecturer or a teacher because you have something you want to share, it was exciting for you when you learned it and that has to be the way for them also. NLP can show you how.

  What are the common misconceptions of parenthood?

  • My children don’t like veggies.
  • My children’s room is a mess and they hate keeping it clean.
  • My girl is looking a boys now and I am getting scared and worried about it.
  • My boy hates to study
  • We don’t have family discussions any more.
  • My husband is too busy for us, he’s a good man but I wish he had more time for me and the children.

Every parent faces these and many other debilitating feelings and the arguments caused by them are destroying families every day, Ask yourself “What happened to Mr&Mrs next-door neighbour, they were happy and now they fight often, I hope and pray it never happens to us!

Families today just don’t know how to CHAT  (Constant Helpful Attitude as a Team) yes that’s right you are a team and you need to think like one, families are moving faster and faster these days and often forget to slow-down and let the others in the family catch up.

Your children are great kids “Right!” you know it in your heart, you just want to get close to them again, show them you DO love them. NLP can show you techniques that will do just that NLP mentality is a mental process you take yourself through so you can adjust to the family needs and wants. Come learn with us and we’ll bring you out of the dilemmas of parenthood.

The Socialite and you.

being a socialite is a great thing, in fact there are those that make a living from it, WHY? How do they do it, interact with people so easily? Able to come up with answers so very quickly and back it with what sounds like verifiable facts.

This as well as many other things use to puzzle me, until I found out about the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the art of mental communication – Moving towards and moving away from verbal techniques, visual and facial ques that can harm a conversation. NLP is the exact science for this area of life, You may be just looking for ways to be more sociable at the office or family picnics, maybe you’re a salesman and you just want to be able to talk on a friendly bases with your clients instead of just being the sales-person. NLP Principles taught during this programme will greatly enhance those skills and many others.

So you’re a student, Wow your embarking on what psychologist claim is the first steps in a career.

You find it daunting and you’re not coping with the everyday grind of going to class or lecture, your friends are saying they have their own issues t deal with and the guidance counselor isn’t helping, they understand but they are simply not hitting the real point of your problem.

Only you know what your real problems are and the first step is admitting them to yourself, no one else, just you.  Did you know you hold the key to every problem you face, sounds fanciful doesn’t it BUT IT’S TRUE! you can help yourself by simply facing the issue dead on and mind-mapping it out understanding Critical thinking and Chaos logic under the NLP Principles, for you there are a whole range of mental techniques that you can employ to not only solve your present problems but also help you to avoid further interactions with “The devil inside.” This NLP Programme is targeted at you as a student and nothing else, it will take you through the mind altering techniques with exercises and experiential learning techniques used by psychologist and clinicians within the world of mental awareness and BRAIN MUSCLE BUILDING.

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