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Training methodologies in the world!

There are (4) four different methodologies used during all of these modules.

they being:

  1. NLP Neuro-Linguistic programming.
  2. The Random Input methodology.
  3. Mind Mapping with Lineal – lateral – Chaos thinking Methodology.
  4. Workshop – Seminar Classroom methodology.

NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming.

NLP methodology is used to help the participant change mentality through understanding why present method although work are cumbersome and time consuming and it also assists the participant understand the WHY – Where – When mentality to implementation logic.


RI: Random Input

Random Input methodology is used to excite the participant and get the creative mind-set operating in order to share contextual understanding with other members of their group within the training environment as well as in the workplace.


MM: Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping with Lineal – lateral – Chaos thinking Methodology is used to show simply that everything does not have order and sometimes in high stressed situations you need to take a birds view of the situation or see things happen by compartmentalizing the situation.

WS: Work-Shopping 

Workshop – Seminar Classroom methodology is use simply to create an environment that works through group participation and memory recall as to understanding. This is work-shopping to remember. This also gives order to the learning mentality.


In the use of all these methodologies I have been able to create a safe and meaningful learning seminar giving high attention to memory and recall, as well as the belief in oneself to achieve goals through anticipation of achievement.

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