21 Principles of Change management

After many experiences and much debate with colleges and friends, We have settled on 21 Major needs in Change Management, if you like the book and find it useful please let me know.

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Dr. Arayan Richard Jenkins

We are Subject Specialists in many areas, we want to share that knowledge with you. So, we are giving it away anything you see listed here is TOTALLY FREE except the internet cost, of course.

I will be writing many books and putting them up here for you to download or read online, I ask only one thing, well two things really, don’t copy and paste without giving me credit for the writing and don’t rebrand and sell.

Time & Stress

This book is still incomplete

TIME & STRESS is a major issue in Management circles, in fact, I do a Round-Table every-so-often in order to understand the problems faced by new managers and C’Suite level people.

I’ll keep working on the book and upload as soon as I finish the material.

Our second book is finally out and YES it’s FREE.

I actually got a lot of help on this one and thanks to them we are able to call it definitive.

The Competency Dictionary  

This book will lead you place less explored by management and Human Resource departments, because it’s too much work for them. So, good luck, hope you enjoy and learn.


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