Certify your Trainer

Having a Certified Competent Trainer in any field of Technical OR Vocational Specialty is mandatory in today’s Human Resource Development.

HRD4My Resources with TQV Europe and ASCAB of Great Britain can certify your trainer Competent making them a Certified Subject Matter Expert.








Certify your Participants

Certifying your participants is a simple process, all that is needed is a simple phone call OR WhatsApp in order to understand the S.O.P. requirements.

You can use the form below to contact us as well.

WhatsApp the Certification & Programme Director on +60123474064.

We have Certification in Several degrees:

Competency Level 1 Introduction to Programme Speciality РCompetency level 2 a Fundamental Understanding of Programme Speciality РCompetency level 3 is Mastering the Programme Speciality.

Technical Diplomas & Vocational Diplomas are also available as Competency Level 4 under Malaysian Qualification Authority Competency, awards

Technical Diplomas and Vocational Diplomas as Competency Level 5 inline with the Education Authority Great Britain.

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