MayBank Malaysia

MayBank Malaysia has been one of our long standing clients. 

Dr. Arayan Richard has delivered:

  1. English for NoN-Natives.
  2. Present like a Presenter.
  3. Understanding Management.
  4. how to write a Report to International Standards.
  5. How to use Critical Thinking Skills to make better Decisions.


Malakoff Corporation Berhad Malaysia

Malakoff berhad is a leading Energy supplier around the world. 

Dr. Arayan Richard has delivered:

  1. English for Business Executives.
  2. English for Engineers. .
  3. Understanding Management.
  4. How to use Provocation Logic Skills to make better Decisions. 

OYL a member of the Daikin group, Malaysia

OYL Manufacturering Company Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

OYLM’s products are distributed to over 55 countries throughout five continents. and have been a long standing client for many years.

Dr. Arayan Richard has delivered:

  1. HR Skills .
  2. Presentation skills
  3. Understanding Management & Decision Making. 

Here is a small list of our client that have used our services and are planing new programmes with us monthly.


  •           AJRIS – Malaysia
  •           DHILLON Trading Sdn Bhd.
  •           Daves Deli. – Malaysia
  •          East Man Resources. Sarawak
  •           Sudong. – Singapore
  •           Baiduri Bank. – Brunei
  •           B.I.A.C.C. – Brunei
  •           Petrolines – Vietnam
  •            DrukGreen – Bhutan
  •           Al-Dana – Malaysia
  •           M.T.C.C. – Maldives
  •           Ministry of Minerals – Sudan
  •           UKM – GSB  – Malaysia
  •           Must University.
  •           Allied Insurance Company – Maldives

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