Develop The Trainer

This programme is an ISO9001 Standard Train The Trainer Development programme.

 About Develop The Trainer:

Programme Benefits

buisiness woman in frontWhether you are an inexperienced trainer or infuse professional, this Develop – The – Trainer program will teach you how to determine the needs of an audience, improve classroom charisma. Handle hecklers, use activities effectively, and more. Our Develop The Trainer course gives you training in, strategies and techniques orchestrated in a fashion that takes learning to a whole new level of experience. You will be introduced to a new paradigm in how training and development is designed and delivered, and how you can optimize your training environment to achieve outstanding learning results. This course provides ground-breaking training solutions that can be implemented in any training environment.

With the use of Neuro Linguistic Science we are able to give you insight to your own personality along with a micro look at your own body language and a macro look at your participant’s body language this along with word density linking when speaking one-to-one you will be able to capture the exact needs of the participant attending your workshop training or development.

We will also discuss the types of training you deliver with an understanding of the knowledge continuum and the styles used around the world to deliver point driven development.  During the training we will delve into age diversity and cultural diversity to better understand how your participants accept new information during a training or development session.

The “Develop The Trainer” programme is delivered primarily in English and the workbook and exercise given during the training will all be in the English language, so, an understanding of English would assist you with regards to listening skills, but using rephrasing and simplex analogies make it easy to follow along.

You will get to analyse yourself through video-graphics  taken in the very beginning along with an independent assessment and peer-to-peer assessment as well.

At the end of the programme you will be video-graphed again to help you understand the improvements in your delivery style and methodology and help you build “The Next Step” thinking and self improvement.

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