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Far too often, we’re told; We must learn English when in fact we already know English. What our problem is we’re too shy to use it and so, often we don’t understand the speaker.

That’s okay! As an Accent Neutralizer, I fully understand this and I’ve created this programme to help you get past those mental blocks, to understand they are not real!

The Personalized Accent International Neutralizer (PAIN) programme is perfect for you.

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What’s In the Programme:

  • 20 hours of face to face training with a world leading Accent Neutralization Expert.
  • 7 days programme with 5 days at 4 hours of Face-To-Face with ANE Trainer.
  • Over 240 hours of Personal guided Training materials.
  • Over 120 Hours of English Speaking  Interactive Recordings.
  • Business Intelligence Studies to enhance your interactive skills.
  • Cognitive Study programme to gain a better understanding of Native Speakers.
  • Understanding you – NLP Voice simulation training.
Benefits to You; Client specificity:

  • Tailored to your terminology
  • Targets Customer Service Officer needs

Elimination of language barriers:

  • Seamless transaction
  • Unaware of location

Agent turnover reduction:

  • Builds confidence
  • Creates satisfaction
  • Well-trained resources

Custom training materials:

  • Specific to client/location/culture/religion/socio-economical needs and requirements of Customer Service Officers & Employing Centre.
  • Follow up training with workshop training



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