A Psychometric N.L.P. Health & Well-Being Change Management Master Practitioner.

Dr. Arayan RichardYour ISO 9001:2015 Certified Training & Development Provider


I have developed Adaptive Learning & Development Programmes, in the areas of:


I am Dr Arayan Richard Jenkins, I am an Australian here in Malaysia with my loving wife NoorHajatul Syimma and our two girls Seviera Sofea, and Arayana Angelina. I travel back and forwards to & fro between Malaysia & Australia.

I am ISO9001 Certified in many areas to do with Planning, Developing & Delivering the finest R.A.T. (Retentive Attitude Training) programmes in three major areas.

those areas are:

Psychometric Health & Well-Being. all levels of Staff & Management 

psychometric health & Well-Being Psychometric health and Well Being is all about your Management & their teams as well as the Operational Staff.

We must never forget that; although the CEO , CIO along with CFO and the COO run the organisations, they are not the FRONTLINE of the organisation. The Staff and the Management Teams, need to know they are supported by the organisation at large, from the top to the direct supervisor, superior.

Management need support as well and My programmes under the Psychometric Health & Well-Being takes care of them as well with the latest training & Development in Mental dexterity and Analytical Awareness.

Contact Me on WhatsApp or IMO +60123474064 to find out more information you can email me pd@hrd4my.com.my OR even Skype me as -: DocArayan :-

Management (All levels) & Leadership – Change Management  & Supervisory 
Management Development Developing your Management at any level is such an important task, that you can’t just leave it up too anyone, you must hire the best and have that Trainer develop a training programme that is POINT DRIVEN – TAILORED to need and is RETENTIVE at the time of delivery.

Management Skills are mostly learned from books but they refined by experience and delivered by experienced experts in the areas of Management Tools.

Dr Arayan Richard Jenkins has been the COO of 2 very successful organisations and 1 that failed and I have learned a lot about what companies need in order to succeed.

Contact Me on WhatsApp or IMO +60123474064 to find out more information you can email me pd@hrd4my.com.my OR even Skype me as -: DocArayan :-

Human Resource (HR Development) Optimisation Skills for HR Generalist.
Human Resource Development  Human Resource is the FRONTLINE of DEFENCE when HR makes a mistake the ripple effect can tip the balance of a company towards failure.

Management needs to make sure the HR department is well armed with the latest up-to-date skills and the experience to handle the situations that arise without notice. The greatest areas of defence for any HR officer is Retention – Succession and Retrenchment, put the right tools in place and the company will roll smoothly, understanding just these three things can be the make or break of your company. There are other tools needed as a HR Officer or Director or Manager, we can help you get the best of those tools ingrained into your HR people with R.A.T. Development.

Contact Me on WhatApp or IMO +60123474064 to find out more you can Email me pd@hrd4my.com.my OR even Skype me as :- DocArayan -:



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