Independent Change Management Specialist.

We are a leading force in the

Further & Continual Development of your Employees and your Human Assets within your Companies and Business.

HRD4My Resources can bring out the CHANGE-AGENT in your Company Employee Asset.


HRD4My was formed in 2010 firstly in Malaysia and then in Australia offering (JVs) Join Ventures with Thailand – Indonesia – Borneo – Vietnam – England – Denmark and the United States of America. Most if not all the Join ventures for Asset Development and Training Delivery Style along with Cultural Diversity Development are ongoing projects, by Dr. Arayan Richard Maxwell Jenkins.

HRD4My Resource  realized very quickly that the planet Earth was getting smaller and companies around the world was also understanding that the development of their greatest Asset “The Men & Women within” are not always the same and have amazing skills yet untapped. I help people find out about their underutilized skill and bring it to the surface in order to help drive their companies one more step forward towards Greater Brand Recognition.

Skills & Specialties

Change Management 99%
Staffing Health & Well-Being with NLP 90%
Human Resource Development 80%

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