Competency Levels 1 - 2 - 3

HRDforMy Resources in conjunction with TQV Europe are now certifying competency levels 1,2,3, for technical and vocational skills.

These competencies are and can be either development or training set criteria competencies, developed or trained by industry experts.





Certificate Verification
Certificate Verification



Technical & Vocational Diplomas

With expressed permission from TQV of Europe, HRDforMy Resources is now able to certify either Technical or Vocational Diploma coming from recognized Training & Development institutions, in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Australia, Singapore or India.

The Institution must be recognized by the country’s Government Educational Qualification Authority either as a Training & Development Company, Academic institution or Educational Provider.


Certificate Verification
Certificate Verification

UK Diploma


The Accredited United Kingdom Diploma

ASCAB of Great Britain is one of the leading Certification Agency Body recognized in Great Britain and accredited in Great Britain, the United States of America and India. ASCAB under Management Certification Systems ISO/IEC17021 & Personnel Certification ISO/IEC17024, validate in compliance under the United Kingdom Educational Accreditation System.

This UK Diploma will be and is recognized by industries around the world.

Certificate Verification
Certificate Verification

International Board of Medical & Surgery


Certified Competency in Medical & Surgical Administrative Duties

IBMS of the United States, Great Britain, India, & Malaysia has given HRD4My expressed permission to certify students after extensive training in the areas of Medical & Surgical Administrative duties as competent to Levels 1, 2, 3,

Certificate Verification
Certificate Verification

The World leading Certificate Accreditation Bodies from Around the world

HRDfor My Resources Malaysia & AustraliaTQV of Europe SwitzerlandASCAB Great Britain, USA & India

Join forces to bring together the world leading & first personnel accreditation service to South East Asia, China & India

Why Training Providers should Accredit their Training & Development

business-people Motivate

The Certified United Kingdom Diploma

Language Development Workshop

Accredited Technical & Vocational Diploma

Leadership & Supervisory Development

Competency Training & Development Certification

Certified Competent Medical Administration Duties


HRDforMy Resources will under NO circumstance tolerate fraud of any kind within the purview of certification within the understanding of S.O.P. policy and compliance with the certification of educational – training – development – mentoring or coaching with certification, be it competency or diploma within an educational faculty certified by HRDforMy Resources, TQV or ASCAB .

HRDforMy prides itself as an entity that takes personal responsibility for those issuing Diplomas and Certificates of Competency presently under the certification by HRDforMy Resources, TQV and or ASCAB. HRDforMy Resources takes responsibility for assurance of the integrity of the institutions issuing certification under HRDformy Resources – TQV and ASCAB.

Dr. Arayan Richard Jenkins

Programme & Certification Director


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